Polo Field Promotes Earth Day with an Explosive Party on Club Penguin

by Tommy 234 56 on

Earlier today, Megg tweeted about a Earth Day party surprise and then Polo Field shortly after announced that a party would occur at 11:00am Penguin Standard Time on Grizzly. I attended the party and I was really scared because there were so many bears in the room!

You can check out some screenshots of the party here. We first saw Polo Field at the Forest and then eventually checked out a few other rooms on Club Penguin.




The Earth Day party was a lot of fun with Polo Field, even some extra Club Penguin team members such as Stackoverflo logged in to join in with the celebration. Great party guys!

Megg Teases Earth Day Surprise on Club Penguin

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Megg the Intern, who is very popular penguin on Twitter (most likely because she works for Club Penguin) has just dropped a surprise regarding Earth Day (today!) This is what she has just said on Twitter.

We all love surprises Megg, make sure to check back for any more updates!

Club Penguin: Disney Channel’s Game On – Puffles Video

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There has been a new video uploaded to the Club Penguin YouTube channel about the new puffles on the island. Disney Channel’s Hallie heads to a pet park to talk to some experts about Club Penguin’s new dog and cat puffles. Check it out!

Awesome video Club Penguin, I love the Game On videos by Disney. They are so cool! Check out the Puffle Party from April 17 – 30, 2014!

Interactive Musuem Will Not Make an Appearance on Club Penguin

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Yesterday, Tommy’s Club Penguin Cheats obtained an image of an Interactive Museum that we thought could make an appearance during the Future Party next month on Club Penguin. We have now learned that this image was created by an artist who was “asked to do this as an art test” for Club Penguin.

We reached out to the artist, Michael Chrobak, and he has stated that “The environment will not be used in the game and I am not currently working for the company.”

Even though the environment will not be used in-game, Club Penguin may take some ideas from it and we might see something similar next month.

Darn, I was looking forward to seeing this room.

Club Penguin Launches Mobile Version of their Website

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Building a mobile version of your website has been an important factor for a couple of years now, Club Penguin have been kind of late with this by launching a mobile version of their website recently.

They have converted their membership and What’s New blog to a mobile version which is good since players can now check out the blog on the go easier than before.


Thanks to Barcoterror1 for letting me know about this. I think it’s a great move that Club Penguin have done, a responsive/mobile website can help increase their accessibility for their players around the world.