Club Penguin App is Offline Due to Online Safety Problem

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As we speak, the Club Penguin App for iPad and iPhone is offline because of the huge online safety problem that Tommy’s Club Penguin Cheats found out yesterday.

We broke the story first, players were able to say inappropriate language on the app without getting banned on the game. This is a large security problem with the game and it could effectively ruin Club Penguin’s reputation. Let’s just hope they fix it soon.

We’ve been told that if you try to login to Club Penguin, your avatar will not appear on your player card.


Update 4:00pm PST: All good now, the app on both devices is working as it should be.

Update 2:57pm PST: The Club Penguin App is working for iPad, still down for iPhone.

Update 1:37pm PST: Everything is still a little shaky, the app keeps going offline and online.

Update 1:30pm PST: Club Penguin have fixed the app for iPad, everything is running smoothly. However, the iPhone version is still down because it’s taking a very long time to load.

Update 1:02pm PST: The Club Penguin App may also be down to fix a Sushi bug that has been a problem since the release of the app. If you try to view the main screen of the Club Penguin App, this image will appear.


Tommy’s Club Penguin Cheats Forum Reaches 100 Members

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A few weeks we launched a Club Penguin forum on our website because we wanted to improve the way the community connects and communicates with each other. So you’re probably wondering… how is it getting on? I’m proud to say that we have quickly reached 100 members! Isn’t that crazy?


We have also reached over 600 posts within the forum, so there is no excuse for you not to join! The forum is bursting with secrets that you might not even know about on Club Penguin, I also contribute to all the topics on the forum so if you need an answer to any question, me and several other penguins will help you out.

Thank you everyone for helping us to reach 100 members, let’s try and reach 200! Go and sign up and tell you friends!

Players Can Say Inappropriate Language – Huge Online Safety Problem on the Club Penguin App

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Some players who have recently downloaded the Club Penguin app onto their iPhone or iPad have discovered a huge online safety issue within the app. Players can say inappropriate language and not get banned for doing so.

This is crazy and it’s confusing me on why Club Penguin have not checked to see if their filters work before launching this out to the public. We have been told that if you go to your igloo on the app and say an inappropriate word in a sentence, you will not get banned for it.

If you are going to try this out, make sure it is on a test penguin and not your real one. It is unknown if your message containing an inappropriate word actually shows to other players, however it should still ban you for saying it in the first place.

We really hope Club Penguin can fix this as soon as possible, it will ruin their reputation as a virtual world if they don’t.

Club Penguin Puffle Gala Room

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We first found out that Club Penguin will be offering players to choreograph their own puffle shows at the Puffle Gala on April 24th during the Puffle Party. If you try to get inside the Stage where the Puffle Gala is going to be held, you get a message saying you have to come back on April 24th.

However, Tommy’s Club Penguin Cheats has obtained an image of what the full room is going to look like which you can check out below.

It is obvious that Club Penguin have definitely been working hard on this room for the Puffle Party.

What do you think of the Puffle Gala room, do you think it looks like fun?

Club Penguin Support – We Don’t Like Prank Calls!

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Club Penguin are starting to really knuckle down on the amount of prank calls they are receiving daily… or at least they are trying to. We rang Club Penguin with a genuine question and then the support representative rudely interrupted saying that this is a prank call.

When we rang back again and spoke to a more kind representative, she said that Club Penguin “receive several prank calls every single day”. Sucks to be a support representative!

Don’t believe us? Check the clip out yourself:

So, why did we post this? I’m pretty sure Club Penguin want to improve their customer support team in any way possible, right?